Joe M Ruggier

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Author & Publisher

Includes comprehensive bibliography


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  • Positions Held Since 1982

  • Retail Sales Experience

  • Radio, TV, and Media Exposure

  • Positions Held Prior to My Immigration to Canada - 28.12.81

  • Education

  • Languages

  • Skills

  • Interests

  • Sports Activities

  • Personal




Part Two: Bibliography


14.0 Publications

14.1 Private Unpublished Manuscripts

14.2 Books in Print

14.3 CD-Rom’s

14.4 Cassettes





Resume of Joe M. Ruggier

Suite 307 — 6311 Gilbert Road

Richmond, B.C., Canada, V7C 3V7

PHONE: (604) 447-0979


Positions Held Since 1982:

Canada Manpower Student (SFU at Harbor Center), Writing and Publishing Certificate. September 1995 - June 1997


The Robert Ruark Foundation, Inc. 1995 Poetry Contest in 5 categories: Light verse, Limerick, Free Verse, Traditional, Haiku. Traditional: Joe M. Ruggier of North Vancou­ver, BC, Canada, Judge; a role for which I received an honorarium.


Managing Editor & Sole Owner of MULTICULTURAL BOOKS, my own small press which, since 1989, has released & marketed 61 Titles, viz:

  • 25 issues of The Eclectic Muse

  •  Out of Blue Nothing, and In The Suburbs of Europe, (by Joe Ruggier)

  • Savitri, and Purple Premonitions, (by Chandramapatti)

  • A Children's Goat Book, and Poetry for Children, (by Dorothy Morrison)

  • Walking the Dog, (by Edwin Varney)

  •  If You Wish The Wind To See, (by Beaver Bite)

  • This Eternal Hubbub, (1st ed. & 3rd revised ed.), regrets hopes regards & prayers ..., Lady Vancouver, A Richer Blessing, Moods for Lovers (Audio Cassette), Songs of Gentlest Reflection, Pope Caesar’s Wake (Letters to Pope Woytyla), Thirty-One Sonnets, and Lamplighter most gracious … collected poetry and selected prose, 1972-2009, (by Joe Ruggier)

  • Poems by John Laycock
  • The Further Adventures of Lao Tzu, (by Gus Faux)

  • Blood Sky, and Waiting for Tamara, (by Daniel Rajala)

  • The Poetry of George Borg - (Translated from the Maltese by Joe Ruggier)

  •  No Continuing City, Mirrors of Memory, & Schwanengesang (poetry collections by Ralph Cunningham)

  • The Consciousness of Earth, (by Esther Cameron)

  • The Flying Dutchman, (a long poem), Selected Poetry of Roy Harrison, Pharaoh’s Children (a novel), and “Tarshish” and Other Poems, (by Roy Harrison)

  • This Gardener’s Impossible Dream, (by Emery L. Campbell)
  • 42 Poems in Rhyme and Metre, (by Mary Keelan Meisel, 1889-1965)

  • Infernal / Supernal Love, (Poems Selected & New, by Warren Stevenson)

  • Outlaw’s Retreat, (Selected Poems of Tom Merrill)

  • Take Me Home to Pringus, (Selected Poems of Zyskandar A. Jaimot)

  • Lunar Rhapsody, (Poems by Vera Zubarev)

  • HIROSHIMA: Bridge to Forgiveness, (autobiography of Takashi “Thomas” Tanemori—a 70-year old survivor of Hiroshima, his home-town, presently residing in California) ..

  • The Tares and the Tears of Fifty Years, (collected poems of Michael R. Burch, 1958-2008).

16.11.89 - To Date

Editor & Publisher of The Eclectic Muse. TEM is a small magazine which has made 23 appearances between 1989 & 2009. Vol 1, No 1 appeared in Christmas 1989. The latest issue, which is the 25th, is Vol 14, Nos 1 & 2, Christmas 2008. TEM features contemporary poetry from Canada, the United States, Britain & elsewhere; translations into English; as well as very short stories, articles, & reviews of poetry books received by the Editor. August

1989 ‑ to date

Door to Door Marketing of Out of Blue Nothing {2nd Edn} & The Voice Of The Millions {2nd Edn} in Kitsilano A­rea. Hours of work: 5‑9 p.m. At the time of writing this Vita - 13.03.96 - I have worked in N. Vancouver District & N. Vancouver Seymour; Greater Vancouver --- Kitsilano, Dunbar, Ker­risdale, Shaughnessy, UBC Campus & Point Grey between Blanca & Alma, Cambie & Oakridge, Commercial Avenue, parts of S. Vancouver & of N. Burnaby; W. Vancouver & Victoria. This is the 5th or 6th time around that I am working these routes. Out of Blue Nothing has also gone into an 8th Edn & In The Suburbs of Europe into a 2nd. 16.11.89 to date


Library Assistant 2, Library Processing Centre, UBC. Duties: Checking titles in both on‑line & card catalogues for the Public Lending Right Commis­sion, Ottawa; opening mail in mail room. Hours of work: Mon to Fri, 9-5. Supervisors: Ms Geraldine Dobbin, Systems Librarian; Mr Bob MacDonald, Librarian; Tel: 228‑3101. July 11 ‑ Aug. 4, 1989


Library Assistant 1, Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School, 419 E 24th Ave­, Van­couver, (25 hrs/wk; Supervisor ‑‑ Mr Bob Haxton, School Lib, Tel: 874‑9131). Cle­rical duties associated with Lib work: shelving; filing reference cards in the card catalo­gue; filing cards in the microfiche catalogue; filing newspa­pers; sensi­ti­zing books electronically to prevent theft; stamping books at the circulation desk; typing of reference cards & labels; mending books. This was a work‑expe­rience placement obtained through the Metro Vancouver Employ­ment Program.

May 17 ‑ June 30, 1989

Professional Typing {IBM Selectric II} & Word‑Processing {Multimate Advan­tage II & Word For Windows } - on a free‑lance basis for College & Univ Stu­dents, Univ Professors, & businessmen in Vancouver; & for a Euromoney Editor, with Euromoney Publi­ca­tions Ltd., London. Falls under the self‑employed category. 1982 - to date


Part‑time (6 hrs/wk) Flyer Carrier, The Flyer Force, A Div of Southam Inc., 3484 Bridgeway Street, Van., B.C., V5K 1B6; Off: 299‑3100. Duties: Deli­vering com­mercial flyers door‑to‑door. No of Routes: 3. 13.03.89 ‑ 22.05.89


ManPower Student (VCC/VVI), where I obtained the Word Processing Operator Dip­lo­ma, on WANG, AES, & MULTIMATE. July ‑ September 1987


Professional Typing for JENTASH MARKETING LTD., Specialty Food Importers & Dis­tributors, 1563 Columbia St, N Van, BC, Tel: 980‑FOOD. Duties: Typing of Bus Corr; Fi­ling. Dec 1986‑June 1987


Marketing & Distribution of 500 copies of Out of Blue Nothing, 1985/1986; 250 copies of Intelligible Mystery, 1985/1988; & 200 copies of The Voice of the Millions, 1988/1989. Techniques used were door‑to‑door sales for OOBN & IM; Tel sales to old custo­mers & new prospects for TVOTM. TVOTM was marketed under contract with my US Pub­lisher. These were all time‑limited jobs under the self‑employed category.


Professional Typing, Proofreading & Editing of my 3 books, OOBN, IM, & TVOTM, published in Vancouver & in the US. I worked hand in hand with my printer to prepare the texts for publication. 1985, 1988


Console Operator & Retail Sales Cashier w/N Van. Shell Gas‑Station, 1250 Lonsdale Ave, N Van. Duties: Pump Operator, Retail Sales, Cashier, Cleaning Premises; 10 p.m.‑8a.m. February ‑ August 1982


Retail Sales Experience:

Extensive retail sales experience selling the following Services & Products:

1. My own publications door to door, through the Mail, & over the phone;

2. My Typing and Word‑Processing Services;

3. University Scholarships of Canada;

4. Amway Products;

5. Some Herbalife and some Grocery Products;

6 6 Months Full‑time experience of Retail Sales in a Gas‑Station, (Feb ‑ Aug 1982).

The socializing involved in Sales, as well as the challenge of a commission base w/high‑income poten­tial, are aspects which I positively enjoy. Though I would personally prefer the security of a salaried position, I find my door-to-door marketing strategy an extremely heal­thy, athletic & pleasant occupation. It is likewise flattering & very meaningful to have so many people read my work. I truly consider persuasive selling to be a basic life-skill, & I can certainly recommend Sales to everyone as an excellent source of supplementary income. 1982 - To Date


Radio, TV, and Media Exposure:

I have made appearances on one local TV station - I believe it was CKNW. I have also been reviewed in BC BookWorld, once by Mr. Tim Lander, once by Mr. Ken Katrenski in The Witness Newspaper (Dubuque, Iowa), in The Times of Malta (by Anton Agius Muscat), and in the Sunday Times of Malta, (by reporter JoAnne Ripard). I have likewise been interviewed on the Radio Station of the University of Malta by Ms. Daphne Cassar; as well as on the FM Radio Station of the Public Broadcasting Services of Malta by Mr. Peter Paul Ciantar. I have also been interviewed once, by Mr Gavin Porridge, and made two appearances reading poetry, on Co-Op Radio Station, in Vancouver. On the side, I have read poetry, professionally, at the Literary Storefront, in Vancouver (1982/83), at UBC, and at Langara College.


Positions Held Prior to My Immigration to Canada ‑ 28.12.81:

Bank Clerk, Bank of Valletta, Malta: 08.78 - 12.81. Duties: Money Transactions; dra­wing up Legal State­ments; off. typing; interviewing. Reason for lea­ving: Emigration to Canada.


Teacher of English: St. Augustine's College, Pieta', Malta: 09.77 - 06.78. Private Tutor: numerous prospective Univ Students: 06.77 - 12.81. Duties: preparing prospective Univ Students for their A Level (equiv to 1st‑year Univ in N America), in English Lang & Lit.



Computer Skills. Between September 2002 till July 2003 I attended various computer classes at Disability Resource Centre in Richmond, B.C. My instructor was Mr. Viet Vu. The courses I attended were:

·     Office Pro course using MS-Word 2000

·     MicroSoft Excel (Basic & Level 2)

·     Internet & E-Mail


Writing and Publishing Certificate, The Writing and Publishing Program, Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre. My tuition and living allowance at SFU was paid for by Manpower for one academic year. I earned top-student placement.

Sept. 1995 - June 1997


Metro Vancouver Employment Program. Currently associated w/The Vancouver School Board, the prog used to be a Ca­nadian job‑strategy prog, spon­sored & funded by the Canada Employment & Immigra­tion Commission, & administered by Vancouver Community College. May - August 1989

Word‑Processing Operator, Diploma, VCC/VVI, WANG, AES, MULTIMATE SOFT­WARE. My studies at VCC were paid for by Manpower for 3 months. I wish to take this opportunity to describe this timely grant, which out of a simple poet has positively turned me into an established publisher, as one of the finest gifts which I have ever received. Hats off to Manpower & sincere thanks! July‑September 1987


Word‑Processing Basic, Diploma, from VCC/VVI, IBM Display­Writer. January‑April 1987


B.A.(Hons): The Royal University of Malta, Tal‑Qroqq, Mal­ta, where I graduated w/1st class Honours in English. 1974‑1977


Upper‑Secondary; Secondary; & Primary ‑ 12 years of educ, leading to Ordinary Level, Oxford Univ Certifi­cates in 9 subjects, (equiv to High School Grad, grade 12, in N. Ame­rica), & Advanced Level London Univ Certificates, (equiv to 1st year Univ in N. America), in Pure Math, Applied Math, Physics and English. 1962‑1974



Fluent in English, Italian, Maltese; some French, some Spanish.



‑ Secretarial experience since 1978 - managing my own DBase

- Creative Writing - Desk-Top Publishing

‑ Word Processing, IBM, WANG, AES, MULTIMATE,

- Word Processing, Microsoft WORD for Windows

‑ Typing 72 WPM - Book Marketing

- Correspondence - Proofreading & Editing

- Dicta Typing - Cash-Registers & Figures

- MS-Excel 2000 - Internet & E-Mail

- The Certificate in Publishing Skills (SFU, 1997)



Sampling exotic foods & wines; collecting word processing software, etc.; listening to & collecting classical music; used to perform classical guitar for pleasure, & took lessons from a qualified teacher in Malta for 2 years; a sound working knowledge of the instrument, its history, its construction, its music, & its leading performers & composers; in­te­res­ted in all fine arts, humanities, science, international sports ‑ Italian soccer being my favourite sport; & politics.


Sports Activities:




Born:  1956 (MALTA, EUROPE)

Height: 164 CM

Eyes: Brown

Immigrated: Canada, December 28, 1981

Citizenship: Canadian Citizen

Address:  6311 Gilbert Road, Suite 307

Richmond, B.C.

Canada, V7C 3V7

Phone:  +1(604) 447-0979



Professional References Available on Request


Part Two:


14.0 Bibliography

Ruggier, Joe, ed. & comp. Poetry by Theme: a cyclostyled textbook of literary criticism, used in 3 major private schools in Malta. 1st ed. Vol 1 of 2 vols. Malta, 1978. 2nd ed on CD-ROM: Richmond, BC, Summer 2003.


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Joe M. Ruggier was the Featured Poet in the February 2003 issue of The HyperTexts, online at The HyperTexts has published three Pulitzer Prize nominees, one Nobel Prize Laureate, and recent winners of the T. S. Eliot, Richard Wilbur and Howard Nemerov awards. Michael Burch, (himself a poet), Managing Editor. Since February 2003 Joe Ruggier has been written up and featured extensively on this website both for his original writings as well as for his editing and publishing services.


---. Poetry Life & Times, [a monthly, online poetry journal — — edited by Robin Ouzman Hislop and Sara Russell]. “The First Crib at Greccio”, PL&T, August 2006, feature poet section. A Review of This Eternal Hubbub, by Joe M. Ruggier, 3rd rev. edn., published by MBooks of BC, Canada, 2004. Reviewed by Amparo Arrospide, (co-editor of PLT), 2006.


14.1 Private Unpublished Manuscripts:

‑‑‑. One Aim, One Business. Collected Poems. 1977‑1985.

‑‑‑. Cannot Be All Poetry. A Prose Collection. 1977‑1982.

‑‑‑. The Wards of Mount Carmel. A 1‑act play about loss of Faith.

‑‑‑. Letters to Rex Hudson. 1982, to date.

‑‑‑. Personal Correspondence. 1977, to date.




14.2 Books In Print:


‑‑‑ Intelligible Mystery. A Critical Introduction to the life and poetry of Rex Hudson with special emphasis on: Sonnets for the Psalms. Published with the assistance of influential friends of the poet. 1st Ed. Wisconsin: Arrow­head Printing & Publishing, 1985. 170 pp. Paper. Temporar­ily out of stock.


‑‑‑ The Voice of the Millions, Selected Poems, 1977‑ 1988. ISBN 0‑929659‑01‑5. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CATALOGUE CARD No: 88-62403. 4th, substantially improved, Rpt. Wisconsin: Pierpont Press, 1991. 104 pp. Paper. $16 Canada; $US16, USA; £9 stg. UK.


‑‑‑ Out of Blue Nothing: A Cycle of 24 Shakespearean Son­nets. Vancouver: Multicultural Books, 1985, 1987, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1995, 2003, 2004. First appearing as: Multicultural Books Poetry Series #1. 4th Edn., April 1991. 5th Edn., July 1992. ISBN 0‑9694933-0‑4. 36 pp. Paper. $6.95 Canada; $US6.95, USA; £4 stg. UK.


‑‑‑ In The Suburbs of Europe: Perspectives on Maltese Lan­guage & Literature. By Ruggier. Consists of: a survey of Maltese Language & Literature comprising detailed, histori­cal information & critical interpretation; translations from the Maltese of poetry by Dun Karm and Oliver Friggieri, Trans. Joe Ruggier; also includes hitherto unpublished verse by J. Ruggier. Ed. Professor Paul Matthew St. Pierre, {Com­monwealth Literature, SFU}. Illus. Edwin Varney. 1st Ed. Vancouver: Multicultural Books ‑ Multicultural Books Poetry Series #2 — July 1991. 2nd Ed., September 1993. ISBN 0‑9694933‑1‑2. 36 pp. Paper. $6.95 Canada; $US6.95, USA; £4 stg. UK.


--- This Eternal Hubbub. By Ruggier. With an author’s preface & a foreword by Rex H. Hud­son. Consists of: Poetry and the Gospels, an essay in Poetics, Malta-Vancouver, 1980-1982; Art and Revealed Religion, a dramatic meditation composed in heightened prose regarding the na­ture of art and Revealed Religion, Easter 1984; Out of Blue Nothing, 6th enlarged Ed with more photos and notes by the author regarding the meaning of the poetry; The Dark Side of the Deity, a long poem in 7 parts completed in 1994. 1st Edition: Vancouver — MBooks; Easter 1995. ISBN 0-9694933-4-7. 216 pp. Paper. $26.95 Canada; $US 26.95 USA; £16.95 UK. 3rd Revised Edition: Richmond, (BC) — MBooks; Christmas 2004. ISBN 0-9733301-4-7. 300 pp. Paper. With 5 full colour photographs. $US 36.95 (N. America); £20 (UK). The 2nd Edn was issued on CD-ROM.


‑‑‑ Regrets hopes regards and prayers ... Verses composed in Youth, By Ruggier. Comprises: early, unpublished poetry and other sketches; with an introduction by LeRoy Douglas Travis. 1st Ed. Vancouver: Multicultural Books — August 1996. ISBN 0-9694933-5-5. 140 pp. Paper. $24.95 Canada; $US24.95 USA; £16.95 (UK).


--- Lady Vancouver. 9 Poems by Joe Ruggier. Comprises 4 elegies, including an elegy for President Kennedy; with a foreword by Oliver Friggieri, University of Malta. 2nd Ed. Vancouver: Multicultural Books Poetry Series #5 — July 1997. ISBN 0-9681948-0-X. 46 pp. Paper. $10 Canada; $US10 (USA); £7 (UK).


--- A Richer Blessing. Poetry & Prose by Joe Ruggier. With a foreword by George Csaba Koller. 1st Ed. Vancouver: Multicultural Books Poetry Series #7 — July 1999. ISBN 0-9681948-3-4. 120 pp. Paper. $21.95 Canada; $US21.95 USA; £15 (UK).


‑‑‑ The Poetry of George Borg. Translated from the Maltese, with a critical introduction, by Joe M. Ruggier, trans. 1st Ed. Van­couver: Multicultural Books Poetry Series #9 — June 2000. Reprinted, August 2000. ISBN: 0-9681948-5-0. 76 pp. Paper. $17 Canada. $US17 USA. £7 (UK).


--- Songs of Gentlest Reflection. Poetry & Prose by Joe Ruggier. With a critical intro. by Ron Johnson, Ph.D. 1st Ed. Vancouver: MBooks Poetry Series #10 — May 2003. ISBN: 0-9681948-9-3. 104 pp. Paper. $24.95 Canada; $US 24.95 USA; £15 (UK). Re-issued as: 3rd enl. ed. — Spring 2004. ISBN: 0-9733301-1-2. 108 pp. Same price as 1st ed. but features two additional critical reviews. 2nd Edition was issued on CD-ROM …


--- Pope Caesar’s Wake. Letters to Pope Woytyla, by Joe Ruggier. Edited, with a critical intro., by Mr. Michael Burch, (Nashville; TN). 1st Ed. Richmond, BC: MBooks Belles Lettres Series #1; September 2005. ISBN: 0-9738392-4-4. 380 pp. Paper. $36.95 Canada. $US 36.95 USA. £18 (UK). Also issued as an ebook, (ISBN: 0-9738392-5-2, for $US 11.95 or $CDN 14.95.)


--- Thirty-One Sonnets. By Joe Ruggier. With a foreword by Dr. Philip J. W. Higson, (Staffs., U.K.). Cover art by Karen Butchart. 1st Ed. Richmond, BC: MBooks Poetry Series #30; Spring 2009. ISBN: 978-1-897303-11-5. 56 pp. Paper. $21.95 Canada. $US 20 USA. £10 (UK).


--- Lamplighter most gracious … Collected poems & selected prose, 1972 – 2009, by Joe Ruggier. With an author’s preface. Cover photo by Joe Ruggier. “Excluding all poetry and prose published in This Eternal Hubbub.” 1st Ed. Richmond, BC: MBooks Poetry Series #28; June 2009. ISBN: 978-1-897303-07-8. 572 pp. Paper. $50 Canada. $US 50 USA. £30 (UK).


14.3 CD-ROMs:

Mbooks on Compact Disk — From door-to-door to CD-Rom. By authors Joe M. Ruggier, John Laycock, Philip Higson, Roy Harrison, Mary K. Meisel, Esther Cameron, Chandramapatti, George Borg & 2 anthologies by various authors. A statement of traditionalism—rhyme- & neo-classicist revival within an eclectic publishing philosophy—this collection comprises 2 anthologies, 13 poetry books, 2 collections of belles-lettres, 1 prose-poem and 1 novel … 19 outstanding works by critically acclaimed authors from Canada, the US, Britain, Malta & elsewhere—in a convenient package. Similar products have been priced as high as $1,000 making our CD a truly compelling value. ISBN 0-9733301-0-4, $US 98.95, $(Canadian) 148.95, CD Collection. Available from Baker & Taylor, John Coutts Library Services, Britnell Book Wholesalers — Published by Multicultural Books, 307 - 6311 Gilbert Road, Richmond, BC, Canada V7C 3V7.



Moods for Lovers. Love poetry by: W. Shakespeare, E. A. Poe, Lord Byron, A. E. Housman, T. Hardy, W. H. Auden, M. Arnold, B. Pasternak, W. B. Yeats, P. B. Shelley. With background music by Manuel M. Ponce & Joaquin Rodrigo. Presented on cassette by Joe Ruggier. Recorded Oct. 14th 1984, (Dolby/Stereo). Recording Engineer & Technical Support, Jesmond Enriquez, Integra Audio. Copyright © Joe M. Ruggier, Dec. 1993. Published by Multicultural Books, 307 - 6311 Gilbert Road, Richmond, BC, Canada V7C 3V7. Available from MBooks; $CDN 10.00.




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