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MBooks of BC is a small press run by Joe Ruggier, a much-published writer and one of the best-selling  poets in Canada. During a lifetime that has seen "big name" poets sell perhaps only dozens of "important" books, Joe Ruggier has sold over 20,000 books single-handedly! (About half his own books, the rest those of other writers.)  If you want to deal with an editor and publisher who is also a writer and poet who knows how to create books that actually sell, we can't think of a man or woman better qualified than Joe Ruggier. He also has transferred a collection of nineteen books to CD in .PDF format … Here in his own words is an explanation of the services he provides to other writers:

I have access to high quality equipment. Our assistants are a circle of diverse, professionally qualified associates, consisting of professors, authors and editors, professional printers and desktop publishing operators. Our rates are highly reasonable and competitive.

As publisher of MBooks of BC, I make my life writing and publishing. My time is divided between doing business, the invisible work an author and publisher incurs, daily writing, and professional development. 

You may have your book-length manuscripts assessed by MBooks at no charge for the initial consultation. Fees for publishing services include the cost of wordprocessing and typesetting, and the costs of printing and binding. All our publications feature an ISBN and CIP Data, and may potentially be placed with academic libraries through John Coutts Library Services Ltd., Ontario; and shall be affiliated with the Canadian Copyright Leasing Agency (ACCESS ©). It is also possible for the publisher to market a limited number of suitable publications to his own public, but it is entirely up to the publisher's discretion to decide what constitutes a suitable publication.

All rights for materials published by MBooks revert to the authors, and authors published in the poetry journal The Eclectic Muse shall be published at no charge and shall be paid in copies.


$2 per double-spaced page
$4 per single-spaced page

Editing and Tutoring:
$20 per hour


Typesetting and Graphics Design:
$24 per hour

Publishing Services:
The cost of printing and binding
A rational fee for the publishing service; terms are negotiable

Accurate estimates are available on direct consultation with the publisher


Publishing Services Include:
Typesetting, design and editing services
CIP Data and an ISBN
Two copies placed with the National Library
Affiliation with the Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency (ACCESS ©)
Potential distribution to libraries

through MacNeill Library Services Ltd., and John Coutts Library Services, Ltd.

To inquire about any of the above, please write, call or e-mail Joe M. Ruggier at:

MBooks of BC
Suite 307, 6311 Gilbert Road
Richmond, B.C.
Canada    V7C 3V7

Contact: Joe M. Ruggier, Managing Editor
Telephone:  (604) 447-0979

Cell: 778 822 3864

Please make all checks payable to:  Joe M. Ruggier.

For an in-depth discussion of our publication agreements please consult

Our Publishing Services … how the arithmetic works for everyone!


MBooks of BC has recently developed a new product. This consists of a collection on CD-ROM of nineteen top-selling titles by Joe Ruggier and his clan of authors. We wish to draw your attention specifically to this fine product because it may be of interest to individual authors, and to groups of authors or associations, who wish to have a collection of books published in this manner, viz: as electronic books collected on one CD-ROM (which can hold as many as 500 books or more), to be read on the end-buyer’s computer screen inside Adobe Acrobat Reader, or to be printed out on the end-buyer's printer. If you have MBooks of BC publish a collection of books in this manner on your behalf, the service will include:

(1) conversion of all documents to ACROBAT .PDF format (as electronic books)

(2) copyright security protection for all documents   

(3) an auto-start feature which causes the CD's main index to be launched automatically when the CD is inserted into a CD drive on the end-buyer’s computer  

(4) automatic launching of the CD's main index via Adobe Acrobat Reader if Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on the end-buyer’s computer 

(5) automatic linking to the Internet to download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free if  Adobe Acrobat Reader is not installed on the end-buyer’s computer

We have available database lists of over 27,000 addresses of public and university libraries in the U.S.A. and more such addresses within Canada. As long as you help defray our promotional expenses, we shall be able to write to many of these libraries on your behalf to promote your CD-ROM book or book collection. The costs involved in purchasing this publishing service from us will be determined after you consult with us in order to arrive at an accurate estimate of all expenses.

Available Now on Compact Disk — "From Door-to-Door to CD-ROM" ...


MBooks on Compact Disk ... From Door-to-Door to CD-ROM
by Joe M. Ruggier, John Laycock, Philip Higson, Roy Harrison, Mary Meisel, Esther Cameron, Chandra­mapatti & 2 anthologies by various authors.  A statement of tradition­alism — rhyme- & neo-classicist revival within an eclectic publishing philosophy — this collection comprises 2 antho­logies, 13 poetry books, 2 collections of belles-lettres, 1 prose-poem & 1 novel ... 19 outstanding works by critically acclaimed authors from Canada, the US, Britain, Malta & elsewhere — in a convenient package.

For info call (604) 277-3864 or E-mail:
Similar products have been priced as high as $1,000 making our CD a truly compelling value...

ISBN: 0-9733301-0-4.   COST TO INSTITUTIONS: $US 150   COST TO INDIVIDUALS:  $US 98.95 .....   Available from: Coutts Library Services Ltd., Niagara Falls, ONT.  1-800-263-1686.  Fax: (905) 356-5064.   Also from: Britnell Book Wholesalers, Toronto, ON, 1-800-387-1417.  FAX: (416) 362-9177.  Also from: Baker & Taylor.   Published as e-books by MBooks of BC, 307 – 6311 Gilbert Road, Richmond, BC, CANADA  V7C 3V7.

A footnote by Michael R. Burch, editor of The HyperTexts:

Joe M. Ruggier has a B.A. in English Literature, and is a widely published poet and writer. It was my honor to work with Joe on his "From Door-to-Door to CD-ROM" project, a collection of nineteen books meticulously and painstakingly (with the emphasis on "pain") converted to .PDF format. The computer consultancy I own and operate, Alpha Omega Consulting Group, Inc., helped Joe develop an autostart feature for the CD that "launches" the main contents index file regardless of the version of Windows being used, which turned out to be no small trick and no mean feat. This is because older versions of Windows were designed to autostart programs, not text files. Since there is no easy way for the CD to "tell" which version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on a particular computer, this problem soon became a head-scratcher that threatened to leave a number of perplexed editors, technicians and programmers bald-domed as baseball bats. Fortunately, Internet research turned up a free utility that literally saved the day (and our remaining hair). I was then further privileged to work with Joe on developing a mail-out brochure that was distributed to a number of prestigious libraries. As we have worked closely together , I can vouch that Joe Ruggier has acquired valuable skills the hard way: he earned them. If you're interested in publishing a book, putting a manuscript in .PDF format, creating a book or collection of books on CD with an "autostart" index or table of contents, contacting libraries to inquire about the possibility of them purchasing your book or CD, or anything along these lines, then Joe Ruggier is a man you should consult with, and probably hire, forthwith!


For further inquires, please contact Joe M. Ruggier at :

Multicultural Books
Suite 307, 6311 Gilbert Road
Richmond, B.C.
Canada V7C 3V7

Contact: Joe M. Ruggier
Phone:  (604) 447-0979

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